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Baekhyun, we’re sorry!

I watched exo tlp sg last night, I had a thought about baekhyun. During the talking ment, all the members was talking about the sign L and exo L. Chanyeol said “fans are mistaken, the symbol of EXO-L were not L but something likeㄴ”. Suho adds “also it is like this; WE ARE ONE (pointing thumbs and index finger out)”. This is one of my best favorite part of the concert. I feel really really touched when the members mentioned us as EXO-L and showing us the sign. So meaningful. And then I started to think how jerk some fans being to baekhyun when his scandal came out and they accused him of throwing sign to taeyeon and all using fans. Even using the ㄴ sign as if it was for fans but originally for ty. But last night, exo proved them wrong. The ㄴ sign truly is for fans! They tried to hinting our fandom name even from a year ago during growl promotion. That’s why at hongkong concert baekhyun only said to fans that he never take his fans lightly. And he said similar things on his instagram post. It was all because he truly is never ever have intentions to do that to fans! And for you some fans who thinks why didn’t he apologize to fans after all these incidents he caused, well let me tell you that NO he doesn’t need to apalogize because what he did for us is sincere. Now, if you really think about it if somehow all the things he did to fans (and accused of it being the sign of his relationship with taeyeon), like he really is thinking of fans while doing those things but fans didn’t buy his sincerity. Instead helping him out when he hit the hardest rock bottom, when he needs fans support, they chose to turn behind his back and throwing rocks at him even more. Weren’t those fans are the one who betrayed him? How hurt it must be for him to have some of his fans just believed any bad things about baekhyun they read on the internet instead believing of what baekhyun has said and did to fans that you can see and hear with your own eyes and ears?? I feel really really sorry for disappoint him:/

Now this is going on YouTube and you look like an ass!

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"We won’t stop until we reach number 1 in Asia, number 1 in the world, as 11"